Muscle Mending

Pain-free is not enough. 

Feel good being you.

One in five Americans suffer from chronic pain. 

Specializing in the soft tissue,

we work layer by layer, 

to relax and lengthen muscles and fascia,

to restore mobility and circulation,

to release constricted nerves, veins and arteries

to reduce pain and increase vitality.

We're here to get you back to the life you love to live.

We go Deeper

We look further than tight muscles. We look for the cause. We study the patterns and systems of movement, find what is out of balance. Working layer by layer, in a wave-like movement, deep to the surface of the skin, along the length of the muscle, we address the systems of motion. 

We Lean and Follow

Our Muscle Menders know how to feel. Our work is often through areas of discomfort, so we learn to listen with care. We lean in to the resistance and follow the lead of the body, allowing the muscle and fascia to set the pace. 

We Reset the System

Muscle Mending is for bodies bound in tension, rigid from injury and yearning for a return to active life. We restore the soft tissue and structural mobility, so the entire body system will move more optimally.

We have a Legacy

Our roots are in Schulman Therapy, developed by physical therapist Nate Schulman over 50 years ago. Juvenation Muscle Mending emerges from Schulman's technique with an innovative approach connecting to the psychology of the muscle. 


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Whatever adventure you choose, 

we've got your back.


Muscle Mending

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