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Healing Arts

The healing work of Jenna Wadsworth McCarty touches body, heart, mind, and soul. Come for relief;
leave uplifted in life!


"The treatments relieve overall stiffness and increase flexibility. Stiffness& pain in my neck and back has been an issue for the last 20 yrs. I was skeptical at first but after consistently receiving treatments at Juvenation, I’m a believer."


"My pain level which was chronic and high has been decreased by 75%. My mobility is improving but I need this on going therapy. Jenna is truly a healer— in her amazing skills (I’d had 22 procedures and she’s helped me many fold more than all those procedures combined!!) — her manner, her spirit and the environment she creates. She is also a wonderful collaborator!!"

"The experience at Juvenation is amazing. Very different from massage, my chiropractor or physical therapy. Jenna methodically works on the areas of stress in my body to loosen the tissues for more mobility and flexibility. The surroundings are so serene and comfortable which adds to the experience."

Into the Deep

Jenna looks beyond the pain. She looks for the cause. Studying the patterns and systems of movement, she finds what is out of balance. Working layer by layer, connecting all the points within the system, she finds her way from the surface into the deep to set free what was bound.

Lean in and Follow

Jenna knows how to feel. Her work is often through areas of discomfort, so she listens with care. Leaning in to the resistance, respecting the present limits set by the body, she works to expand what is possible. 

Rooted in a Legacy

Physical therapist Nate Schulman developed his modality over 60 years ago. Schulman trained Michael Canann who trained Jenna. Jenna blends Schulman Therapy with her own innovative approach connecting body to heart and mind. 

Reset the System

Specializing in bodies bound in tension, rigid from injury and yearning for a return to active life, Jenna restores the soft tissue and structural mobility, so the entire body system will move more optimally.

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"My time with Jenna aids in my overall health and is a big de-stressor. The pain in my hands improve and the stress in my neck is relieved!"

"I suffer frequent migraines and daily headaches. Jenna's Juvenation treatment of my head and neck gave much needed relief when pain medication did not."

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2072 Orchard Dr., Suite C, Newport Beach, CA 92660

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