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Head and Shoulders Above

We commit to meet you as you are. We will ask you when you first arrive to check-in with your body, tell us what you are feeling, sensing, in yourself.

We understand that life is complex, that you are complex, that the many tugs on you are complicated. You have many demands, many responsibilities, and these land on you and your body.

It's our job to help lighten your load, even if it is only in the pounds of pressure that we can alleviate in our hour together. We promise that you will walk out lighter than when you first arrived.

Migraines, shoulder tension, pinched nerves, general stress and tension, rotator cuff injury, strained back, pulled muscles, fascial tear, chest tension all can benefit from Restorative Muscle Therapy at Juvenation.

To make an appointment, book online at or call 949-701-5709.

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