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Juvenation- Welcome to the Journey!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

At Juvenation, our purpose is to catalyze healing and positive change. We start in the physical body, working through soft tissue and muscles to reduce pain and free movement. Our bodies are systems of tension, which so often become overloaded. We work to unload the tension, bring the entire system back into balance. We seek to resolve the cause of the pain or the imbalance, not only the symptom.

We choose the image of the wave within a hexagon for our logo. The hexagon is a symbol of life, is one of the basic building blocks for life. The wave represents not only the specific movement that we make in our work, but also the impact that we hope to have. We hope that the small changes that we make in your muscles and fascia will ripple out, bringing healing deep and wide throughout your life.

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