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Meet our Team, Part 1-Here’s Ron!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Meet Ron Williams, one of our 3 practitioners. I’ve never met anyone with the drive for excellence that Ron brings to every single thing he does. As is his nature, he’s brought that same pursuit of perfection to his work with Juvenation. Paired with his natural kindness and impeccable integrity, Ron is simply phenomenal.

Ron’s been practicing Restorative Muscle Therapy since 2016 and was the first to coin the term “Muscle Mending” to describe our work. He is always exploring new ways to refine his work. He was a long-time client of Michael Canann’s Schulman Therapy, the basis of our technique, and has been instrumental in the founding of Juvenation.

When he’s not in the Juvenation office (or instructing one of his many fitness classes), Ron loves to get out on the road with his bike. He takes cycling to another level, according to his riding buddies, and is hard to catch on those climbs, leaving all the young “whippersnappers“ in the dust. Ron has been referred to as a modern day Jack LaLanne.

If you’re looking for someone who understands refining the body for lifelong performance, Ron Williams is your man.

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