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Once in a time of Covid: Innovations and Adaptations

In COVID times, swirling uncertainty and long-term social distance have created a void in many of our most common supports. The stress of this new normal mounts up, affecting so many of us emotionally and physically.

At Juvenation, we specialize in touch healing to restore connectedness, relieving pressures and tensions, so you can rest, be relieved, and return to your daily life with renewed vigor.

This work is essential because we reduce the risk of stress or pain climbing to a level unbearable. We aim to prevent the need for surgery and reduce reliance on pain medications by tending to the root of the problem, unwinding the tension that binds.

Do you need to reconnect to yourself? We are here, using precautions to create a low-risk environment to support you and your wellbeing.

Relieve your pain. Lower your stress. Improve your sleep. Be connected. Juvenation.

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