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The Healing Arts

Over the past several years, many of you have watched the walls of the office fill with new creations. You saw the first blank canvas as it hung on the wall, waiting for inspiration to strike. You have encouraged me as I tested my creative side with torn paper as my medium. You've celebrated each new piece of work as I birth them into being, one after the other after the other. You've listened as I sift out the story that emerges through each piece.

On June 23, the walls of the office will empty and be filled again with blank canvases, as this work goes on tour. The first stop of Emergence: Tour of Transformation will be in Irvine, CA. I hope that you will come to see and experience the Emergence Tour. In the meantime, I'm still in the office giving treatments, in between whatever project is in creation.

Exhibit Details:

June 23rd 12:30 pm Opening Talk/Performance

1-5 pm Art Exhibit Open House

June 3 6-9 pm Collage Workshop with the Artist (RSVP Req'd)

June 5 6-9 pm Closing Celebration

*Exhibit Open Hours: Monday - Thursday, 6-9 pm from June 23 thru July 3.

Location: Irvine United Congregation, Plumer Hall, 4915 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA

Torn Paper, Emergence
Emergence, collage by Jenna Wadsworth McCarty

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