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Survey Says: 


Source: In-house survey of existing clients, March 2020

"Excellent care and treatment in every way for my back, neck and entire body and mind."

"Chronic back and neck pain has been relieved by me as well as many other issues my family of 8 have experienced. More effective than any chiropractic or other physical therapy."

"I had just started with Jenna a few weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic. I am recovering from cervical spine surgery. I found with the treatments that the muscles in my neck were more mobile and the pain was decreasing in both arms as a result of the treatment received at Juvenation. I believe that the work done by Jenna is critical for the full recovery from this surgery and the pain I have been experiencing since July 2019."

"Schulman Therapy and Juvenation have helped me successfully manage an ongoing chronic disease for over 25+ years!"

"It’s unique in it’s approach. The treatment is very personal and individualised. I learned the pain in my back was connected to my neck and other places. The relief I experience in these treatments is totally unique to any other treatments or therapies I have ever tried. Even if another approach is added, Juvenation always blends and increases the relief from pain which causes stress and sometimes hopelessness......I feel very fortunate to have found Jenna McCarty."


"Juvenation helps my aging muscles function as if I was much younger; my mobility is greatly increased as well. It is essential treatment."

"Relief from migraine headaches. After a car accident my hip pain was taken care of. On another occasion my left hand was numb and I was unable to function properly. After three treatments it cleared up"

"My pain level which was chronic and high has been decreased by 75%. My mobility is improving but I need this on going therapy. Jenna is truly a healer— in her amazing skills (I’d had 22 procedures and she’s helped me many fold more than all those procedures combined!!) — her manner, her spirit and the environment she creates. She is also a wonderful collaborator!!"

"I typically suffer from stiffness from overuse as I love intensity when exercising - this therapy brings me back to life and compels the muscles in my body to like each other again - hallelujah!"

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